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Thursday, 17 January 2013


I see something at work, and I suspect I'm guilty of it myself, that I call "stuckedness".

I'm an employment counsellor and I see clients everyday who are sure that they know what path they want to follow and are sure that no other options are going to get them where they want to go. 
Being flexible, realistic, taking a look at the options - good positive things to do but..... sometimes "stuckedness" happens. 

Where we are can be so safe.  It's what we know; we understand how to manage our expectations and our reality if we stay where we are.  Change is scary - good, but scary.

I try as best I can to hear why people get stuck - narrative therapy outlines how the stories we tell about ourselves and about our lives become our reality.  If I can get someone to move just a little, in any direction, I feel like we can tackle the rest of the issues.  I'll start calling that headspace "unstuckedness".  :)

For myself, I know that I've entrenched parts of my story, good and bad.  Being present in the moment and really looking at what's happening are skills I need to practice.  The past is foreign country but it's a country I know.  The future is an unknown country and that's scary.... and good.

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