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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Just to prove a point

Some of my daughter's biological family have gotten in contact with her recently.  I'm glad for her and worried for her all at the same time. 

Bio mom and dad made bad choices, no question, but I don't feel like that should make it impossible for T to know her biological family.   What's worrying me is bio mom's manipulation of one of T's half siblings and her bio dad's sort of desperate sadness to know anything about her.  They're both pushing her so hard for contact. 

T's half siblings are still in contact with her bio parents so having contact with the kids means some sort of information gets back to bio parents.  From a legal point of view, no one should have contacted her until she was 19, but Facebook screws things up sometime.

She's a trooper and has asked for contact with her siblings but not her bio parents.  So far, bio mom has not contacted her but the half brother who lives with her and initiated all this has dropped out of contact, too.
Bio dad is pushing for information before he respects her request because he's obviously looking for positive things in his life so he can move forward.

I'm tired and stressed out by all of it.  T is her strong, Amazon self and trying to be fair while drawing lines around herself.

I knew this day would come.  I'd just hoped it would come when she was an adult.......

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