Raven's Green

Sunday, 3 June 2012

to everything there is a season

I spent part of the weekend cleaning out the den.  I have stuff spread out all over the house that I really want in the den but it's been so full of stuff that I haven't been able to move.  So....... I dug through all my books on paganism, wicca, poetry, social work, LGBTQI issues, etc and all the bits and pieces I've collected over the years and GOT RID OF STUFF!  That definitely needs to be in capital letters since it's really hard for me to declutter and move things on.  I know I should but..... I was an army brat and things just disappeared  when we moved.  I blamed the movers but I think it was my Mom's way of getting rid of things without my pack rat drama. :)  Though, it feels good to look at the past (in the form of books) and realise that I have grown and learned and moved on.

Social work school was hard - all those papers, all that reading, all that (@#$*&#) group work.  I read some of my papers and was really impressed with how well I integrated information and got it back out in readable form.   I kept most of my textbooks because you never know when I'll have to reference narrative therapy theory..... :)

I haven't publicised this blog yet.  I'm not sure how/what/where I want to publish my posts.  There are so many blogs but ...... maybe I should add my blog tag to my comments on other blogs.