Raven's Green

Saturday, 31 March 2012


I'm just a week away from my milestone birthday.

I never really thought I'd get here.  Even when I settled down with my partner and started looking after my health, I was sure this birthday would not happen.  So..... it's strange to think about what comes next when I never really prepared for what's here.

Friday, 30 March 2012


I'm in Toronto, or there abouts, and we've just said good-bye to the winter that never was.
Last week we had summer-like temperatures and I had the windows open.  I don't usually get to that for more than a few minutes until May.  Last week I opened the windows when I got home from work and closed them when I left again the next morning.

I'm trying to embrace my environment, observe the world around me.  I must admit that I feel like I've missed something this year.  I usually watch the tiny, hopeful shoots of my bleeding heart, bravely poke their heads out about this time of year.  I looked today and there's six inches of leaf proudly standing up.  It's weird.

I promised myself that I'd observe the world more than ever this year, to truly be present as I pass this milestone.  I feel like I've already fallen behind and I haven't even started.

Time to pull out the camera.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Simple, simple, simple.  I must remind myself to keep things simple.  I have a very active mind and sometimes things spill out of my mouth that just complicate situations and relationships.

I overshare, I know that, I can't seem to help it.  I'm a social worker so digging through things appeals to me and I tend to use situations from my own experience to help clients frame their issues and look for solutions.  Sometimes, though, I hurt people or frustrate them by sharing my opinions so freely. 

This is a milestone year for me and I want to be mindful of how I move around in the world and how I affect my world and it affects me. 

I don't want to commit to blogging every day; goals like that just make me feel bad when I can't keep them.
I will commit to writing as often as I can, to be mindful and to map my journey.

Let's open the door and get going. :)