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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Amanda Palmer wrote an amazing blog entry about a young Canadian woman, Amanda Todd, who committed suicide because she was bullied so badly.  The bullying was in person and on the internet - Amanda was literally all alone, surrounded by bullies her entire waking life.

Amanda's fans are as amazing as she is and the internet and Twitter blew up with stories and support and tears and hugs.  I was in awe of the tidal wave of community spirit. 

I wrote a tweet, telling Amanda that she and her fans were an amazing force for good in the universe and she graciously retweeted my words.  Her fans filled my Twitter with comments and retweets and it was lovely.

And then..... someone told me I needed to lose some weight....... 
and I stopped for second, and I worried about that one hateful tweet in the midst of a sea of love and support.  I wanted to write something hateful back, I wanted to be able to ignore it and just laugh.....

Now, I'm sitting here, writing this and thinking about staying in the moment, staying positive, looking forward, all those things that are so much better to do than let a crappy comment stick. 

The backstory to this -  I debated using a photo on Twitter and almost used an emoticon because I don't always like the way I look.  The commenter wasn't wrong, he was just mean.  
The other part of the backstory - I worry about publishing anything I write because people can be so mean.  I worry about making art and letting others see because people can be cruel and judgemental. 
The internet allows to people to be mean to each other and never really see the results of their comments.

I think I've spent enough time thinking about one rude, clueless person....

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