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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

are you KIDDING ME!!!!

So, to follow up my last post......

I work for social services in a large, Canadian city.  I know a lot of you know that....

The office I work in provides welfare to city residents and there are some fairly strict rules around how to apply.  If you live with another adult, regardless of gender, you have to state for the record that you're not in a spousal relationship with them.  Gay, straight, doesn't matter, as long as you live with another adult you have to declare your relationship, because couples have to apply together as a couple.

I just heard one of my co-workers say that she never asks men who live with other men to fill out a co-resident questionnaire because she doesn't want anyone to think that she thinks they might be gay... because you know, there's no greater insult to a man than IMPLYING HE'S GAY.

Just when I think the world is moving forward, I have my shoelaces stepped on.....

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